Stop paying rent and start building equity in a new home of your own.

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How does it work?


Make a 1% deposit on your new home.


Move in right away and start making monthly payments that include both rent and a contribution toward your home equity.


Over time, your home’s value is likely to increase – you get to share in that growth and get closer to building up enough equity to purchase the home.


Once your share of the home’s value appreciation and mortgage pay down add up to 5% (this usually takes about 3 to 5 years) you can qualify for a CMHC insured high-ratio-mortgage and purchase your home.


Better yet, you can avoid expensive CMHC insurance and wait to build your equity to 10% (usually 5-7 years) and qualify for a HomeIndex Mortgage. With a HomeIndex Mortgage we top up your down payment to 20% making you eligible for a conventional bank mortgage.


Enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

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Have you saved 5% to 10% towards your down payment already?

Then you may qualify for our HomeIndex Mortgage.

Lower down payment • Lowest rates • Lowest insurance premium • Lower monthly payments • No CMHC required

Explore your new home options

Owning a home that’s perfect for your family’s needs brings you closer to living life on your own terms. Saanich Ridge Estates, located in the heart of Saanich BC, are contemporary, spacious, well-constructed homes featuring quality finishes, beautiful amenities, and suites with a private entrance and locked inside access. They are homes designed to complement the environment and your lifestyle.

Starting at $685,000 (GST included)

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About Us Anchor

About Us

We believe homeownership offers individuals a solid foundation for financial security.

Homeowners build equity with every monthly payment, and benefit from any appreciation in the value of their home. Homeowners tend to build significantly higher net worth than non-homeowners. Expanding homeownership means more people can prosper, participate in their communities, and invest in the economy.

Our innovative home financing attracts qualified, committed homebuyers enabling us to secure favourable home pricing from developers during the pre-sales and sales stages. This alignment reduces development risk and timing while creating more value for our investors.

We are dedicated to the notion that owning a home should be a choice, not a privilege. Our philosophy of expanding homeownership is one of financial security, not financial constraints. That’s why we create financing solutions that enable homeownership with the right monthly payment and down payment options.

Bringing capital and homebuyers together to expand homeownership is not complicated. It’s just smarter.

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Receive $250 in HomeMoney just for inquiring! Use your HomeMoney as part of your SKYIRE home down payment.