It’s still possible to buy a home. Find out how.

On a background of a modern brick house, hand with keys from an apartment.

Join us December 8, 2016 in Victoria B.C. for a FREE seminar, “Homeownership: It is Possible.” Learn from top real estate professionals on how to become a homeowner in today’s market and what new powerful financing solutions are now available.

Your solutions:

  • 1% down with SKYIRE HomePlan: Move into a home today, qualify for a mortgage later
  • 5% down with SKYIRE HomeIndex Mortgage: Own your home today, reduce your monthly payments 20%

Don’t miss this opportuntiy to accelerate your timeline and move into the home of your dreams. Plus, start growing your equity now, stop paying rent.

Take advantage of this FREE seminar. Even if you are not ready to buy just yet, we can put you on a path to homeownership and give you the options you need to make a purchase when you are ready. So join us on December 8 at 6:45 p.m. RSVP Now!

Event Details

Thursday, December 8, 2016
6:45 p.m., Community Meeting Room
Uptown Centre
3440 Saanich Road
Victoria, B.C.