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Our innovative program that supplements your 10% down payment with an interest-only loan of up to 15% of the home purchase price. Your equity, plus HomeIndex Mortgage, gives you the required 20% (or more) down payment. You can be a homeowner sooner, live more comfortably with lower monthly payments and save more with lower interest rates.

HomeIndex Mortgage FAQs

Watch our frequently asked questions videos. If you don’t find your question or you have additional ones, check out our HomeIndex Mortgage FAQ page or send us an email, we’ll be happy to answer them.

What should I do first, be pre-qualified or find a home to purchase?

What kind of home can I purchase using HomeIndex Mortgage?

Is it better to pay down the HomeIndex Mortgage or conventional mortgage first?

What happens at the end of five years with a HomeIndex Mortgage?

Can I pay off a HomeIndex Mortgage early?

What is the application process?

How is the value determined for the HomeIndex amount when selling or refinancing?

Are there any other closing costs with a HomeIndex Mortgage?

Can I use my own mortgage broker?

Can HomeIndex Mortgage be paid off early – if so how?

How do I make my monthly HomeIndex Mortgage payment?

Can a real estate agent value my home for a HomeIndex Mortgage?

How is HomeIndex Mortgage paid off when I sell my home?

Why is HomeIndex Mortgage indexed to my home value?

How does indexing work and can you provide an example?

What happens if a monthly mortgage payment is missed?