SKYIRE HomePlan is an innovative program that has been designed to provide prospective homeowners an easier way to achieve their goal of owning a home.

SYIRE HomePlan is different from traditional rent-to-own programs


Most rent-to-own programs are designed to favour landlords (i.e. investors). SKYIRE HomePlan was created to help prospective homeowners. An equity purchase option gives you, the renter and future homeowner, a secured interest on title and equitable right as if you actually owned the home. To learn more about what differentiates SKYIRE HomePlan, see our Traditional rent-to-own vs. HomePlan table.

SKYIRE HomePlan is a Great Option

Whatever has been holding you back from your goal of homeownership − credit difficulties or lack of sufficient funds for a down payment − with SKYIRE HomePlan program, along with the right advice and support, you can fulfill your goal of owning a home.

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