SKYIRE HomePlan vs. traditional rent-to-own

SKYIRE HomePlan is different from traditional rent-to-own programs. Most rent-to-own programs are designed to favour landlords (i.e. investors). SKYIRE HomePlan was created to help prospective homeowners.

Features (description)

Traditional Rent-to-Own


Selection of your home Mostly limited to a smaller number of homes, usually older and in questionable condition. Mostly focused on brand new homes built by developers (e.g. condos, townhouses and single family detached).
Bank qualifying required Not required. Not required
Down payment required Yes – varying amounts. Yes – your choice (1%-5%).
Lease term Usually three years or less. Four to seven years with an early buy out option benefiting the HomePlan purchaser.
“Guaranteed” purchase price Can be negotiated but there is no set industry standard. Two choices: 1) Market-Priced Option − Purchase price based on market value with full participation in the value of the home (minimum CPI rate of increase); or 2) Fixed-Price Option − Fixed and known purchase price based on monthly % adjustment and full participation in any appreciation in the value of the home above the fixed price.
Option-to-purchase Informal option contract but rarely registered as a charge on title. Formal right contract plus re-sale right providing realization of equity on sale even if the right is not exercised. Secured by way of a registered charge on title.
Protection of equity Usually built-up equity credit is forfeited if the option-to-purchase is not exercised. Equity is protected and rights are granted and secured by a registered charge on the title of the property. The property must be sold if the HomePlan investor is not going to buy back the right-to-purchase.
Equity growth No. All equity growth goes to the landlord not the renter. Yes. A participation in the appreciation of the property value and participation in the pay down of the mortgage.
Home costs (repairs, maintenance, taxes, etc.) Yes, renter responsibility. Yes, HomePlan tenant responsibility.
Missed payment Not allowed. Equity build-up is at risk of being forfeited. Not allowed. Equity build-up is not automatically at risk, mitigating options are available to limit any equity build-up loss.
Plan completion and support The landlord has little incentive to see the completion of the plan. In fact, the landlord benefits more by having the renter fail, as they get to keep the deposit and find another rent-to-own tenant or sell the home. HomePlan tenants receive ongoing support and encouragement to complete the plan. This includes, credit improvement advice and assistance in qualifying for a mortgage. As well, HomePlan tenants have access to the HomeIndex Mortgage, which provides a better opportunity to obtain the best financing available.
Future mortgage options None within the plan. Yes – the HomeIndex Mortgage.
Transferable right Not available. Yes, the built-up credit can be transferred to someone else or sold for a profit before the option date expires.

The information in the table above is based on the completion of the plan.

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